Kamisama ni Natta Hi Episode 2
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Aired 4 days ago
Updated October 19, 2020 · 5k Views · by u/BROWNlE


u/Young_dagger_dx 路 4 days ago
bruhh it says 2 episodes, but when you want to watch it has 0, ig ANIMEULTIMA it's not the same as it used to be 馃様
u/Zodd 路 3 days ago
just watch it at their website
u/Alpha316 路 4 days ago
Armageddon, Rocky, Edward scissor hands great references for a romantic get together lol
u/hajir 路 4 days ago
The author knows how to make his jokes just like grand blue
u/drawaze 路 4 days ago
animeultima died lol
u/hajir 路 4 days ago
Bruh those reaction with the names really killed it