Kamisama ni Natta Hi Episode 4
The Day of Battling Tiles sub

4.7 (72 votes)
Aired 1 month ago
Updated November 29, 2020 · 4.8k Views · by u/Fezy


u/WifeNoriko48 · 1 month ago
Mrs.Tengan legs
u/hajir · 1 month ago
I know bruh
u/WifeNoriko48 · 1 month ago
i'd ask her to bear my children
u/hajir · 1 month ago
Bruh she was down to do it raw
u/Jackspy · 1 month ago
So this... this is the power of the simp...
u/Bank2Dank4u · 1 month ago
As much as I want to enjoy this, and I am, but there's this part of me that knows that this anime could potentially destroy my soul.
u/hajir · 1 month ago
What a waste of talent
u/Grimm6th · 1 month ago
My man you don't pass a sure thing to get laid for something that may never happen.
u/I-AM-INEVITABLE · 1 month ago
I don't know a single rule of Mahjong and they somehow made it entertaining. This is the best show of the season imo