Kanojo, Okarishimasu Episode 10
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Aired 2 weeks ago
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u/StackingBullion · 2 weeks ago
Did our protagonist just redeem himself in an episode?

Are we finally seeing some character progression...
u/Ender · 2 weeks ago
It is slow but it is there
u/Arima_Shintarou · 2 weeks ago
as manga reader i really waited for this episode, as it gave Kazuya a good push as a character
The background music at 5:50 is great tho
u/Ender · 2 weeks ago
I totally agree with you
u/asidender · 2 weeks ago
My guy kazuya was playing 4 dimensional chess all this time and we didn’t know it this ep is scientific fact that kazuya isn’t a complete dumbass
u/Orochisama · 2 weeks ago
Sumi next episode another girl added to kazuya's harem that'll make it 3, yeah i know.
u/mizukage499 · 2 weeks ago
where are my sumi-chan fans at !!!
u/Ender · 2 weeks ago
Here, here! Best dere dere girl, she doesn't show up much but when she does it melts your heart
u/runvqar · 2 weeks ago
Let's go!
u/shadow8871 · 2 weeks ago
u/Toffie · 2 weeks ago
Yess lol
u/TvojUjec · 2 weeks ago
u/shinymonk3y · 2 weeks ago
yesssss finally
u/memelordhokage · 2 weeks ago
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u/mizukage499 · 2 weeks ago
yeah it is her and shes my favorite in the whole anime/manga but mami-chan is annoying in the next episode
u/Toffie · 2 weeks ago
Ep 11 sumi
u/MaropSKi01 · 2 weeks ago
im hyped for next episode!!
u/Dan1eL9969 · 2 weeks ago
u/owosjj · 2 weeks ago
why Sumi's appearance is sooo late but its fine at least she will be in the next episode right??
u/Flypybird · 2 weeks ago
sumi chan! read this with Zenitsu voice :)
u/J358 · 2 weeks ago
nice episode
u/clepzd · 2 weeks ago
just a quick suggestion to ERASE RUKA FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH
u/kathxxx29 · 2 weeks ago
i'll read the manga already.
u/mizukage499 · 2 weeks ago
yeah im caught up with the manga also i get the newest chapters weekly
u/Raa · 2 weeks ago