Kanojo, Okarishimasu Episode 9
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Aired 3 weeks ago
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u/SpectreLlama · 3 weeks ago
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u/JTZ29 · 3 weeks ago
I would be on her side if she wasn't completely selfish with her actions and actually cared about Kazuya's feelings.
u/Ayss · 3 weeks ago
It's a romance comedy anime so it's obvious from the start Mizuhara will be the last one standing, but up till now, it's not like anyone's been caring about Kazuya's feelings, be it Ruka (she's right about the situation though), Chizuru or Mami... or even the grandma
u/JTZ29 · 3 weeks ago
Mami is different because she cares about literally no one's feelings. And you're 100% wrong about Chizuru, she definitely cares about Kazuya and his feelings. If she didn't, she would have cut him off already and distanced herself from him, she's had plenty of opportunities so far.
u/JTZ29 · 3 weeks ago
Also, Ruka's 'relationship' with Kazuya literally starts with her blackmailing him and shoving her feelings down his throat.
u/Ayss · 3 weeks ago
Yeah she "cares", in a tsundere way, as such she's not honest and she hurts him even more than the others (Kazuya's look around 2:10 is the most pitiful he's ever had). This isn't exactly what I call caring.
Though I agree with you, deep inside, she cares about him
u/Legeis · 3 weeks ago
I agree Mizuhara for the win!
u/Failentity · 3 weeks ago
Well to me their whole relationship is wrong , she's 17 and he's 21 . She acts rash and doesn't really think about consequences , but that's because she's still not an adult. But ya prime problem for me atleast is the age difference
u/Ayss · 3 weeks ago
4 years age difference isn't even a difference. And Kazuya's been living on his parents' money and he's been throwing it down the drain on Chizuru's fees, talk about an adult. Hopefully he will evolve, but for now, he's matching more with Ruka than with Chizuru who's the closest one to being an adult
u/Ender · 3 weeks ago
I'm not really in Ruka's side as I cheer for Mizuhara, but I got to tell I love Ruka too, everytime she shows up it is hilarious.
She is an amazing character and I've been looking forward to see the scene where she storms the meeting in the anime, and I didn't get disappointed.
u/MarcoFTW · 3 weeks ago
I feel bad for Ruka...
u/JTZ29 · 3 weeks ago
I would feel bad for her if she didn't act so selfishly all the time. She quite literally doesn't care about Kazuya's feelings. Her relationship with Kazuya started with her blackmailing him. She just constantly shoves her one-sided love onto Kazuya and doesn't care how she burdens him and Mizuhara.
u/Ender · 3 weeks ago
Me too brother, Kasuya doesn't really deserve her affection, but in his perspective she is a bit of a nuisance as he loves Mizuhara, he can not really correspond to Ruka's feelings neither he can push her away.
u/StackingBullion · 3 weeks ago
Kazuya calling this lass a pathological liar is prime irony territory.
u/edw0rd · 3 weeks ago
damn thats right lol
u/Ender · 3 weeks ago
IKR, she is the only one trying to tell the truth, it is hilarious
u/HINATAHYUGA1 · 3 weeks ago
Come on really, they cut the part were Kazuya and Ruka hide when Kazuya sees mami in the manga :(
u/JTZ29 · 3 weeks ago
I kinda feel like they're just done with Mami and I'm totally okay with that.
u/Jors · 3 weeks ago
The manga is also kinda done with Mami right now...
u/JTZ29 · 3 weeks ago
Not necessarily, they really just haven't cut to her in a while. They last showed her following Kazuya's family's sake shop on Twitter. She'll likely show up at least one more time to stir up trouble.
u/emmanime_ · 3 weeks ago
kazuya big noob
u/Shinoe · 3 weeks ago
why does every character in this anime keep giving me the nerve kkkkdkdhdgs
u/Kronze · 3 weeks ago
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u/memelordhokage · 3 weeks ago
u/JTZ29 · 3 weeks ago
Except she's not. Ruka literally does not care about Kazuya's feelings. She is constantly trying to force her one-sided feelings onto him and doesn't care about his situation or how she is burdening him and Mizuhara.
u/StyxCyan · 3 weeks ago
damn ruka
u/Rune_07 · 3 weeks ago
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u/JohnAbdullah · 2 weeks ago
same, it's so annoying
u/TheAlien_69 · 3 weeks ago
If I was in that situation I'll just my grandma. I already disappointed her already plus I don't really care If I lose her trust, Is better than this fricking situation this nibba has
u/Ender · 3 weeks ago
The whole point is that he just can not let Mizuhara go, and neither Mizuhara can let Kasuya go, they are in love thinking the other doesn't really like him/her and they prefer to keep up the lie than confess. It is not realistic, but then again, most manga/anime are not.
u/mikeykasey · 3 weeks ago
I feel so bad for Ruka. She actually expresses genuine and open love for Kazuya and yet he still wants to be with a tsundere that pretty much doesn't ever directly reciprocate back any sort of love. I understand for the sake of plot Chizuru is supposed to undergo character development and eventually she openly falls for him and what not, but this is still pretty frustrating to watch. In short, both Chizuru and Kazuya suck at communication.
u/boreean · 3 weeks ago
Yeah, she is very selfish but at least she is honest with her feelings, which makes the plot go forward instead of stalling in tsundere shenanigans. She confesses and tries to breaks the whole grandma lie.
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u/epicepic123 · 3 weeks ago
hell yeah first comment
u/BIgBadBread · 3 weeks ago
ok will return after I watched this and previous, Ill tell yiu what I think
u/StyxCyan · 3 weeks ago
u/StyxCyan · 3 weeks ago
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u/Jhuztineesco · 3 weeks ago
here we go again
u/conderwrld · 3 weeks ago
blue ball city :(