Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Episode 1
Bear, Appears sub

4.5 (127 votes)
Aired 9 months ago
Updated June 20, 2021 · 16.5k Views · by u/sinnx3


u/jachu321 · 8 months ago
yo when will they add faststream2 sub come out
u/Moezpervez · 8 months ago
is the app not getting update cuz its getting worse
u/WorstAxe · 8 months ago
even if the app doesn't work I'll still use it since I have like 100 animes on planned and I might have to watch them on another site so yea I'll keep using this app
u/XavierFoster · 8 months ago
Well yeah, same for me.
u/sinnx3 · 8 months ago
When people have patience.
u/sinnx3 · 8 months ago
Nope, app is at its end of life, people HONESTLY should stop using it.
u/Sphygo · 8 months ago
Yeah I've seen too many people comment about it lately. If there is a way to add a notification upon launching the app then that would probably help with people commenting on it. "This app is no longer supported. We know it no longer works, please use the website" or something
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