Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Episode 5
Bear, Raises a Bird(?) dub

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Aired 7 months ago
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u/AdSJB · 7 months ago
Does she ever wash that bear costume? Like, even if it doesn't get dirty... She wears it day and night... So like, even if it was just for my own reassurance I'd probably still wash it. Surely she has like, some OTHER clothing to wear while she does so right? Like, no sane person would realize the virtual world they were in became real and then just not treat life like normal life.
u/AdSJB · 7 months ago
At this point, the outfit thing is just stupid. I'd understand if she were ALWAYS going on adventures and needed it on 24/7. But to say she just doesn't ever put anything else on is ridiculous. Yes, bears are cute... But maybe even a bear dress? A bear outfit? A bear skirt and shirt? A bear shorts and top? ANYTHING, come onnnn! Actually... Hold on. NONE OF THEM HAVE CHANGED OUTFITS. They all have worn the same thing the entire time! HOLY MOLY they all must stink like crazy!!!
u/Komyn · 7 months ago
You missed part of an earlier episode where they addressed. She mentions that they have some cleaning affect where they don't/can't get dirty.
u/AdSJB · 7 months ago
I didn't, I saw that part. Read the very first line I wrote. I addressed that fact, but it still stands that any normal person would want a change of clothing every now and then. Especially when everyone is looking at you like you're some lunatic when you walk into town.
u/fakename0309 · 7 months ago
It's not very clear here, but in the novel, its said that she's completely powerless without the bear suit, and she's paranoid of being attacked. Also, the bear suit is like godly, its supposed to be super comfortable no matter the temperature and never gets dirty.
God armor but kuma
u/AdSJB · 7 months ago
I'm still pretty sure, people like a change of clothes, when you go out. You don't think "What will be the most comfortable for me to go in? Oh! That same thing I've worn the past 3 days!" Regardless of comfort, people like a change of outfit. It just feels forced that they'd keep her in that ALL the time. Like if I'd said any of this to the creator they'd be stuttering "B-b-b-b-ut it's comfy! And clean! She- Uh... Had no other outfits?"
u/AdSJB · 7 months ago
It's all excuses. If you want them to wear the same thing all the time. Say it has a curse of binding and be done with it.
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