Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Episode 14
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Aired 4 weeks ago
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u/kitsanapong315 路 4 weeks ago
It look like they dumped 95% of production cost into Spider's Parts and just lazily finish the rest of Human's Parts. It look so boing and sluggish even I'm a fan.
u/Gamer_Hacker 路 4 weeks ago
Right? It's kind of rushing although I didn't care much about human timeline (except someone that didn't make their appearance at the start/someone new and non-human such as Demon Lord, I watch them ultimately just because I want to know their plan and it seem interesting...)
u/Azeon 路 4 weeks ago
Will probably drop this anime until it's finished airing. Having half of every episode taken up by the super generic human story is very boring. It kills all the hype from the fun spider bits.
u/Gamer_Hacker 路 4 weeks ago
I really want them to make more spider scene 馃槩 but, I need to watch it till the end or I'll end up being curious...
u/Draigg 路 4 weeks ago
I wouldn't mind them if they weren't annoying. Shun has two of the strongest powers. The power of bullshit and the power of being absolutely retarded 99% of the time. Hugo is crap, the teacher could be interesting, but her preaching is annoying. Vampire girl could be interesting, now we clearly see we are seeing to timelines. Kumoko being x (15?) years in the "past" and the annoying human's timeline being the present, Sophia (attacker) should be the vampire baby Kumoko saved.
u/ImJustin 路 4 weeks ago
that's what i've been thinking too, and why she said he should feel at least some of the pain I felt, aka the demon lord... and as you saw Kumoko killed the elves that were gonna steal the vampire baby... so it makes sense.
u/Gamer_Hacker 路 4 weeks ago
What make sense? I thought she's gonna be a good girl but I was wrong...
u/ImJustin 路 3 weeks ago
the guys comment i was replying to and how to story is told in 2 different time lines..
u/Gamer_Hacker 路 4 weeks ago
Bro, my mind hurt just to understand their timeline 馃槩
u/hawastaken 路 2 weeks ago
they really messed up the anime, it was supposed to be better than this
u/xo3abi4 路 4 weeks ago
Damn, animation quality took a freakin deep dive towards 2015 Berserk in this episode, i really hope it'll be an exception, not a rule
u/AdSJB 路 4 weeks ago
My problem is that they've hyped up this hero kid and bunch of adventurers who've sat around doing literally FA the entire series so far. The closest they came to an actual fight was when the dragon appeared and the tiny dragon fought it off by it's-self and then the Hero boy took all the credit for it. The protagonist spider, in comparison, has done nothing but fight life or death fights against MAJOR enemies.
u/AdSJB 路 4 weeks ago
In other words, the other reincarnations, Are CLAIMING TO BE amazing hero's while doing NOTHING. And the Spider, is fighting for her life just to survive, and because humans are putting them in-front of her cross-fire as she does so, they villainize her for her attempt at survival. This Hero kid has fought naught in this episode too. He was protected yet again, he's treat like a package and yet he's the Hero?
u/AdSJB 路 4 weeks ago
Obviously. Also, all the terrible CGI and low-quality animation shots as well as thrown together fight scenes, but I'm more focused on the series as a whole.
u/Gamer_Hacker 路 4 weeks ago
Yeah, I kinda disappointed at this anime like why they even bother make a human timeline...
u/Gamer_Hacker 路 4 weeks ago
I have nothing to said...
u/Mirumasa 路 4 weeks ago
Why does this anime just feel so... lazy?
u/kitsanapong315 路 4 weeks ago
I don't even understand WTF is going on in the fighting scene.
It's just like something "FLIP !!! FLOP !!! PEWWW !!!" and done.
u/dafibh 路 4 weeks ago
u/AryanArora 路 4 weeks ago
And now the story is going super dark
u/Hidroleaf 路 4 weeks ago
Eyyy finally this part. Im so excited
u/StackingBullion 路 4 weeks ago
So we can all agree the human segments are lame but I can't be the only one annoyed about the exposition our lead spider was doing throughout the carriage scene too? We have eyes, we can see what is happening without the monologue...
u/kitsanapong315 路 4 weeks ago
It's just like that. The LN is worst than this, it's full of Monologue, Explanation and Mc-Self thinking with a little of story.
u/Hidroleaf 路 4 weeks ago
I genuinely like the human parts since I find it interesting to see how the other reincarnations are doing. Though yes, no need for the monologue
u/Luhar93 路 4 weeks ago
I feel like this episode was a bit rushed.
u/Gamer_Hacker 路 4 weeks ago
This is what Kumoko get from let Sophia go? I bet Kumoko want her to be a good girl... (Shun got the hero title and and a bunch of skill, but didn't use it, wtf? 馃槩) 鈫 This is what they get for me because of misunderstanding about their timeline... Okay, time to rest my mind, bye!
u/Feanor 路 3 weeks ago
Any words on this would be major spoiler, bro...sorry. If you are terribly curious about it, you can read the manga here
u/Sunny649 路 4 weeks ago
Am I like really the only one who enjoyed the Human side's story as well here? 馃槩
u/Feanor 路 3 weeks ago
Millepensee studio is doing everything wrong with this anime. You show the vampire baby (Sophia) being targeted for assassination in one scene and then, minutes later, you show her as an adult? Where's the thrill of not knowing if she will be murdered or not? I'm going to be frank here, I only watch the anime because of Yuuki Aoi's voice acting. The real fun is to read the manga.
u/aeoxshin 路 2 weeks ago
the animation sucks it's like seeing a picture moving with voice on it well I'm not really fan of human side story because I'm here to see Kumoko in animation but this low quality animation is really killing the mood it's like watching a low budget h-series.