Kyokou Suiri Episode 5
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Aired 1 month ago
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u/Lethebp · 1 month ago
Wait so don't he just break up with her if he hates her that much, someone please tell me...
u/Jiyuuko · 1 month ago
Is this your first anime? This kind of relationship isn't really rare in anime. That one character that behaves like he hates the other but secretely loves them. That's usually called a Tsundere, though I'm not sure Kuro fits that type of character. We don't know exactly how their relationship work, but Kuro seems to actually care for her.
u/AdSJB · 1 month ago
I'm not sure it's quite 'love' at the moment, it will be of course... But right now it's sorta like having some little girl play pretend and won't leave him alone unless he plays along, and now he's found her funny and would be upset if something happened to her.
u/Komyn · 1 month ago
Actually, I'm pretty sure he's staying with her because he's getting something out of it: a better relationship with the Yokai. Having a bad relationship with yokai is what ultimately destroyed his last relationship (the Kappa's reaction), so he does have motive to stay with someone that is ultimately helping him become less feared. She's essentially protecting him in a way.
u/Chigo · 1 month ago
right? I forgot how she actually became his gf in episode 1 but since she's the MC or "main girl" it's safe to bet the show will keep lumping them together until he actually has feelings for her, that's how it usually goes
u/Papafigo · 1 month ago
It is never shown how they become a couple. It happens offscreen during a two year time lapse.
u/AdSJB · 1 month ago
Wait a minute, if mermaid meat makes you immortal and recombine back to normal working fashion no matter how much you're cut up...
u/Jiyuuko · 1 month ago
You don't need to kill something to eat their meat. Maybe they simply got chunks of meat from mermaids. But then that raises another question. It's shown in this episode that Kuro doesn't simply create new limbs, it's like the cells that were separated from him just go back. Instead of healing, it looks like time goes back in those specific spaces.
u/Papafigo · 1 month ago
On this episode, yes, healing is time travel. On the first episode however the eaten arm grew anew. It didn't came in the form of ribbons from the belly of the beast who ate it. This shows, like many others, is inconsistent about its own logic.
u/Zoog · 1 month ago
In the anime, they didn’t specifically say that mermaids have immortality abilities. It was only stated that if you CONSUME a mermaid that you’ll become an immortal.
u/Jiyuuko · 1 month ago
But if mermaids worked the same way, then they wouldn't be able to get the meat since it would just go back to it's owner. There's the possibility that there might be a way to kill a mermaid that we dont know. My theory though is that this "turning back time" kind of heal is particular to Kuro and might have happened due the combination of the two meats.
u/Me3 · 1 month ago
So if these monsters are coming from websites, does that mean rule 34 is creating sexy monsters?
u/ArsAnimus · 1 month ago
Unfortunately no :c. Something they omitted from the anime (ch.5 of the manga) is that if something is perceived as "manmade or imaginary" (i.e. internet OCs), it cannot physically manifest because people subconsciously acknowledge that it's a fake. Steel beam Nanase is able to manifest via the internet because people actually think she's real (aka don't realize she's a fabrication).
u/Me3 · 1 month ago
Well that's a stupid rule that clearly needs to be changed. I label Nanase under things people want to believe. No one would believe a faceless ghost is out killing people, but it's fun to believe it so they do. Kind of like your friend's girlfriend from Canada that he doesn't have pictures of. It's fun to believe it.
u/Jiyuuko · 1 month ago
Man every episode feels so short! I'm really loving this anime
u/dariuslauran · 1 month ago
Kurou: * dies *
Saki: * tries not to vomit *
Kotoko: First time?
u/Seekynator3000 · 1 month ago
how is it so hard for ppl realize how to properly choke someone, he let her have so much space between them lol
u/CatsDK · 1 month ago
Here we go again...
u/waffles536 · 1 month ago
this series reminds me of the anime’s mermaid forest and vampire princess miyu i love it
u/f1r3x · 1 month ago
fudge me! 24 ep and we saw jack sh!t!
u/ronylouis · 1 month ago
the part with the grandmother feeding the kids the kudan... fucking messed up man
u/TristanRxxx · 1 month ago
damn i actually get what their trying to say🤯🤯
u/JIEKEN · 1 month ago
@AdSJB they cooked it(because you cant uncook a meat)
u/Zoog · 1 month ago
Look at the dead mermaid at 8:17. It wasn’t cooked, but slaughtered. Proof that the mermaids can indeed be killed without being cooked.
u/JIEKEN · 1 month ago
@AdSJB they cooked it(because you cant uncook a meat)
u/JIEKEN · 1 month ago
its exactly that one monster in mob psycho
u/JIEKEN · 1 month ago
its exactly that one monster in mob psycho
u/DapperDan · 1 month ago
If anyone is interested in an anime that also has eating mermaid flesh and immortality check out Ningyo No Mori, kind of old anime but pretty good imo.
u/Ghostcrawler900 · 1 month ago
my ears are blessed by the ed
u/demon_slayer326 · 1 month ago
that mean they could be porb monsters
u/AnimexJessi · 1 month ago
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