Magatsu Wahrheit: Zuerst Episode 3
Of Creatures and Men sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/sinnx3 · 1 month ago
for the love of god or whatever false deity you believe in STOP USING THE APP YOU DEGENERATES - it is no longer supported and is at it's end of life. Use the website(s)
u/rosettasttoned · 1 month ago
Why not deactivate it/remove from being able to be downloaded...?
u/asidender · 1 month ago
My guy has seen too much Twitter bless my man, also their probably leaving it in the store so if they plan to use it again they can
u/ImJustin · 1 month ago
Um excuse me, maybe I enjoy downloading apps that don't work worth a damn.
u/thiha123 · 1 week ago
these episodes cant be found in app version.. plz fix it