Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen Episode 8
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4.7 (156 votes)
Aired 3 days ago
Updated November 25, 2020 · 7k Views · by u/BROWNlE


u/Legeis · 2 days ago
Ewww... tooo much Bro-Con in the beginning there!
u/AspectOfTheDevil · 2 days ago
The INCEST is strong in this one!
u/ImJustin · 2 days ago
Honestly don't really care about the "bro-con", all I know is Miyuki is absolute perfection when it comes to looks in an anime women and they did an amazing job drawing that. Call me creepy or whatever but that's gorgeous art. I'd say more about the "brother" sister romance but I'll leave it up to others to use their heads a bit.
u/ImJustin · 2 days ago
Don't mean that in a condescending way just that you should try watching the first season again and know there is a lot more to their "siblingship" than the show just shows... that's all I'll say. You might have fun actually finding out more about it if you really enjoy this anime as I do.
u/Raleino · 2 days ago
uwwoooohhh, the incestry is heavy in this one
u/ImJustin · 2 days ago
As far as this episode goes it's quite a good one as far as character development outside the main like 4-5... and I'm very much looking forward the next episode. So happy they made another season of this show, it was by far one of my favorites the first season.