Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Episode 14
The Battlers' Presentation dub

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Aired 6 months ago
Updated July 12, 2020 · 17.2k Views · by u/sinnx3


u/Arky · 6 months ago
oh no senpai is bad
u/Sunny649 · 6 months ago
Yea.. :scream: Who would've thought..
u/KrishnaKeshav · 6 months ago
oh so sempai tricked.
u/Gamer_Anime · 6 months ago
Oh no he bad
u/Lifemag-in · 6 months ago
So senpai has another face behind those megane
u/iHina · 6 months ago
oh no my bby is actually a bad boy! Also his hair like that...helllooo~
u/tokymono · 6 months ago
damn senpai FINE though
u/ZEBRO-ZENZEN1 · 6 months ago
I knew it aha you four eyes i knew it you're evil after all MHUAHAHAHHAHAHA i had this feeling from the start four eyes
u/D4B · 6 months ago
Sooo, no one gonna talk about how Clara hugged Iruma when she got scared???
u/Jfked · 6 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/kreaon · 6 months ago
Biki a Clif Hanger But i cant wait next 2 episodes hopfuly Some SUGOI SHITT !!!
u/mjamestisoy · 6 months ago
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u/Lester11 · 6 months ago
When Clara said daddy & on screen there a big ? I felt really bad for her but given her cheerful attitude i guess it's ok
u/akku_uchiha · 6 months ago
senpai is sexy
u/Timecharge1 · 5 months ago
I don't think they're actually going to destroy the school. Imo? It's more like a senior prank but because they're demons they always phrase things like that in rough language.
u/thighdegenerate · 5 months ago
senpai is bad T-T
u/Papafigo · 4 months ago
If there is a group of powerful people, aime law says they will be bad seeds. Everytime, even when it is a superhero group.
u/Pebblezz · 3 months ago
The guy at the end looks like Laxus from Fairy Tail.
u/KrulZeroTwo · 3 months ago
I thought senpai was some weakling but know he seems pretty badass
u/Ironyoe · 3 months ago
did he just said dream?
u/Ironyoe · 3 months ago
did he just said dream?
u/AmimeSophia7 · 1 month ago
Whooop! Is anyone already playing 🔞Game for adults ?=) searching for 👌👈 parther! My character name is jessinside20
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