Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Episode 16
Party Eve dub

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Aired 5 months ago
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u/Bank2Dank4u · 5 months ago
sicko mode??????
u/Djtrizzle · 5 months ago
How do you only make a singular firework.
u/KioKurashi · 5 months ago
They have to have more since the plan was to go with a big one and then some smaller ones after, but I assume there's only one big one. It's not like they'd've had a ton of resources to waste on too many spares.
u/Legeis · 5 months ago
I don't get why they don't have Clara use her power to duplicate the fireworks and the launcher to maker a grand show out of it.
u/Gurokawaii · 5 months ago
Because Clara can only pull out of her pockets objects that already exist.
u/StackingBullion · 5 months ago
They're dragging this out a bit aren't they...
u/HOTLILPAPI · 5 months ago
always makes friends with the school shooter guys
u/sarahle143 · 5 months ago
i dont want to lie but kiriwo senpai is zo handsome hiih
u/jarvee · 5 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/20helder14 · 5 months ago
Sullivan detected the barriers being created, maybe he will rush to the school to save the day ?
u/edeva01 · 5 months ago
Kind of reminds me of soul eater n the attack on its school
u/SenseiBanzai · 5 months ago
Never trust a character with kansai-ben
u/Me_Is_WeEb123 · 5 months ago
why am i getting gay shit vibes from those 2?
u/Klaxxo · 5 months ago
Isn't that a good thing?
u/TheLegacy · 5 months ago
Sullivan:*senses* barrier
u/FireFrost · 5 months ago
u/FireFrost · 5 months ago
Tch. Senpai is so evil!
u/boomboom · 3 months ago
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