Majo no Tabitabi Episode 1
Elaina, the Apprentice Witch sub

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Aired 2 weeks ago
Updated October 17, 2020 · 13.6k Views · by u/sinnx3


u/Sunny649 · 2 weeks ago
Great start!! Still weird how the parents promised her her wish, only to stumble over it and then to accept it again without any resistance. Unless that deal with Flan was still all part of their watching-over-her
u/xXRoyalKnight5 · 2 weeks ago
u/t6dr6df · 2 weeks ago
u/sirPlus · 2 weeks ago
13 years in 1 episode...interesting
u/TJ_Kadachi · 1 week ago
by the end of the season we will see her grandchildren going on a journey
u/Nastyjoin · 2 weeks ago
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u/TheDudeDudovich · 2 weeks ago
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u/asidender · 1 week ago
I see little to no difference between her ageing expect growing an inch or two, but even that doesn't apply to chest size ;(
u/kostakis45 · 5 days ago
episodes aren't displayed. I've encountered this problem in many anime that i tried to watch.Also sometimes they're not loading.