Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: Shijou Saikyou no Maou no Shiso, Tensei shite Shison-tachi no Gakkou e Kayou Episode 4
15th Birthday dub

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Aired 2 months ago
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u/BROWNlE · 2 months ago
guys, I said first when I told you not to say first, so now I'm getting banned 😔
u/Woethebro · 2 months ago
dude im depressed now dont be banned man ur too important
u/KnightSkull · 2 months ago
Anis has pulled the Legendary Card ESCANOR!!!!!! The power of this card is described in the dialogue below.

Ivis Necron: Once I stopped time you can't move.

Anos Voldigoad: Who decided that?

Ivis Necron: I stabbed your heart, you will die!

Anos Voldigoad: And WHO DECIDED THAT!?!??!!!!!???!?!?!?

Ivis Necron: My former master. I am under your command.

The ultimate Legendary crossover between The Seven Deadly Sins and this anime has resulted in the creation of this card.
u/nathon52 · 2 months ago
love that idea. bro:)
u/KnightSkull · 2 months ago
i do too. That's why i mentioned it
u/narutoG6B · 1 month ago
yeah so ture
u/prosathu1802 · 2 months ago
That moment when you gave the ring to another girl in front of the one who kissed you.
u/Bluekiller · 2 months ago
ive changed the past but never got a perfect score on a test
u/nmj1132 · 2 months ago
When an OP character gives a ring to a girl in front of another girl who kissed him before it's cool but when I do it I'm a cheating bastard, piece of sh*t and they hope I die in a ditch.
u/teduwu · 2 months ago
"wow, did you really think KILLING ME would kill me??" YES I THINK SO
u/Gyu197 · 2 months ago
it's a good show
u/gian52063 · 2 months ago
good I like Sasha again
u/teduwu · 2 months ago
"wow, did you really think KILLING ME would kill me??" YES I THINK SO
u/Gyu197 · 2 months ago
yay new ep
u/PotatoRa · 2 months ago
🦀brownie is gone🦀
u/Riser · 2 months ago
Anos OP
u/onyx445 · 2 months ago
is it just me or this episode feels short . i need more T.T
u/ByanJoseph · 2 months ago
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u/okiler · 2 months ago
u/nasif_al_nahian · 2 months ago
u/acem · 2 months ago
u/nataliiee · 2 months ago
loopy in poopy
u/happysugarlife · 2 months ago
am I the only one who doesn't have an option for 1080p
u/sr_banana · 2 months ago
cool beans
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