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Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: Shijou Saikyou no Maou no Shiso, Tensei shite Shison-tachi no Gakkou e Kayou Episode 8
The Final Duel dub

4.7 (918 votes)
Aired 1 month ago
Updated September 29, 2020 · 31.4k Views


u/Flypybird · 1 month ago
anos with 1/10 of his power can stop time. anos with 10/10 of his power can beat MUI Shaggy, Shrek and even Thomas the Train.
u/SylockvXx78 · 1 month ago
No... not Shaggy. He's just too powerful. Even for Anos.
u/jalesh91 · 1 month ago
lol, my boy only had one tenth of his true power.
u/idioticanime · 1 month ago
man how much powers did he have at only 1 tenth power he is one snap man and can turn on a tsundre 😌anyway Misha was looking kinda amazing today
u/Arky · 1 month ago
Misha had the same outfit, I think you meant Sasha
u/asidender · 1 month ago
Misha is misha she looks misha no matter what
u/BROWNlE · 1 month ago
u/asidender · 1 month ago
This is DIO’s legitimately son change my mind
u/Faeed · 1 month ago
dope anime
u/Ownij · 1 month ago
I mean what di you expect? He told his parents his name as a newborn. Of course 1/10th of his power was more than enough!
u/PotatoRa · 1 month ago
The only good OP character this season
u/Aynel-sama · 1 month ago
These animations are fire
u/animehatake · 1 month ago
Anos gives OP a whole new meaning
u/Aynel-sama · 1 month ago
Damn i still have to wait 5 days for the next one
u/maybesomething · 1 month ago
just a single fight. Why :/
u/deadmam06 · 1 month ago
u/ByanJoseph · 1 month ago
this thing late 2 minutes
u/ByanJoseph · 1 month ago
normally in my country it is 11.00 pm
u/ByanJoseph · 1 month ago
but this is 5* min late
u/papabenj · 1 month ago
much awaited
u/hatay · 1 month ago
u/anonymous757 · 1 month ago
Finally it's here
u/nasif_al_nahian · 1 month ago
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