Maoujou de Oyasumi Episode 5
The Princess and Female Warriors sub

4.6 (74 votes)
Aired 4 weeks ago
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u/mike32 · 4 weeks ago
First but not really
u/hajir · 4 weeks ago
So am I second or not ( really like this anime and the funny part is that the manga has over 200+ chapters when something like oyasumi punpun has 147 like WTH?? still I love this )
u/edeva01 · 4 weeks ago
That just means they're wrapping it up
u/Nobodyimportant · 4 weeks ago
The harpy is very lucky. Princess could have chopped off her wings or plucked all the feathers to make her comforter.
u/weeb4lyfff4 · 4 weeks ago
yikes now the staff
u/weeb4lyfff4 · 4 weeks ago
yikes now the staff
u/hshassan3 · 4 weeks ago
u/hshassan3 · 4 weeks ago
oh wow comments work now
u/hshassan3 · 4 weeks ago
guys the video isn't loading for me any tips