Munou na Nana Episode 2
Time Traveler sub

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Aired 1 week ago
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u/goyuss · 1 week ago
this is just an anime version of among us
u/Jaxattax69 · 1 week ago
This is fax, legit straight fax.
u/Hazard · 1 day ago
I shared this with my Among Us group who also likes My Hero Academia and it's hilarious how fitting it is.
u/Sumuno · 1 week ago
How did he drown? So the ice guy froze the water right when time travel guy went back in time?
u/KingSloth · 1 week ago
He couldn't swim and just drowned normally
u/GtGogeta · 1 week ago
They were standing over the lake so he drowned the night before when he went back and was in the lake when the training exercise happened. No one saw the body and because the Ice guy froze the lake his body was never sent back.
u/asidender · 1 week ago
Take down the mha cast here we go!!!
u/Nemwhy · 1 week ago
why not loading any anime not loading
u/Nemwhy · 1 week ago
why not loading any anime not loading
u/Human007 · 1 week ago
same here dude
u/-Orion- · 1 week ago
anyone wanna decode that morse code at the end? Im too lazy lol
u/traackmane · 1 week ago
It isn't morse code tho, it's just the light flickering to the beat.
u/Guzzy021 · 1 week ago
shes annoying
u/Obliterator154 · 1 week ago
She stood over the pond with him and said this is where he died. Then he teleported back in time, right on top of the water and drowned. Now white hair guy doesn't even remember the conversation they had because teleporting dude died before it happened.
u/Goukenslayer · 1 week ago
think of this anime as a step before society turns into the shit show that is BnHA's society