Naruto: Shippuuden Episode 1
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4.6 (3069 votes)
Aired 13 years ago
Updated November 22, 2020 · 122.1k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/codedonut · 2 years ago
u/AnimeLifeRabbit · 11 months ago
u/The_Muffin_Man · 1 year ago
Well time to become addicted to AU again
u/Miss_Dee · 1 year ago
heck yea!!!..iam ready for 500ep marathon all over again!!! DATTEBAYO!
u/YuhMuddaEx · 1 year ago
Just watched naruto last episode im so hyped
u/hxper · 1 year ago
Same here lol
u/Neisuva · 1 year ago
Journey begins ^^ v2
u/bigblackanimefan · 1 year ago
u/came-for-hentai · 1 year ago
is this really episode one
u/SupremeNinja23 · 1 year ago
this the 3rd time i'm watching this and I still love it.
u/SWeeboii · 1 year ago
Oh my god... It's better than I thought and i'm loving it so much!
u/alecen · 11 months ago
It is indeed better. I can't wait to see what Naruto has to offer.
u/un_sxtisfied · 6 months ago
Now im finally watching Shippuuden. This show is getting so good!!
u/NoYon_Yatogami · 10 months ago
i was watching naruto.. but after episode 70, i cant play a single episode... damn it i really love this show...
so here i am watching shippuuden before finishing naruto😑
u/Pushpender · 10 months ago
finished Naruto in afternoon and started Shippuuden in the evening.... damn so much excited
u/Cyberdude · 10 months ago
crunchyroll sucks man
u/Cyberdude · 10 months ago
crunchyroll sucks man
u/NoYon_Yatogami · 10 months ago
just finished naruto...
now its time for shippuuden!
u/Gatlin_Grisso · 10 months ago
god i love this show
u/Samuel111 · 9 months ago
badass sasuke
u/YoBoi_Nathan · 9 months ago
u/JosephJostar · 8 months ago
ok am I the only one here who is stuck on the loading screen because it's doing that with every anime I'm trying to watch
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