Naruto: Shippuuden Episode 425
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Aired 4 years ago
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u/SydCarv · 6 months ago
Sakura had-
She had...
One goddamn job
In the entire fight

How can this bih conduct full scale surgery but start shaking when asked destroy one fkin eye
u/Imddaddyallan15 · 6 months ago
sakura is nothing but a stupid ass
u/Stuckinthesky · 6 months ago
Sakura can be useful by killing her self
u/SydCarv · 6 months ago
She had
She had one fucking job
In the entire goddamn war
u/NoYon_Yatogami · 3 months ago
cant belive after all this time sakura is telling naruto to shut up.. and not to argue with sasuke?!
ungreatful bitch of the anime World.
damn short pink head...😡
u/ikram-san · 2 months ago
u/patricia0015 · 2 months ago
bruh why did the creator of naruto made sakura like this 😤🤦‍♀
u/SydCarv · 6 months ago
She had
She had one fucking job
In the entire goddamn war
u/Big_Ounce04 · 6 months ago
she should've fkn died
u/SWeeboii · 5 months ago
I, Madara uchiha have a dream
u/whitehorse7478 · 5 months ago
one fkn job Sakura
u/donuta · 3 months ago
remember what she said few episodes a go "i have finally caught up to naruto and sasuke" and hoe cant even destroy a former enemie's eyes
u/saqlain21 · 2 months ago
fuck you sakura
u/Cannibal420 · 5 months ago
sakura useless fat and ugly bitch
u/Cannibal420 · 5 months ago
sakura - i have finally caught up to these two's pop shits😃
u/donuta · 3 months ago
u/donuta · 3 months ago
why is this stupid vagina holding back bro little 5 dollar pink hair bitch looking ass like shes so fucking useless why she holdin back though like if i was obito i would have stabbed that bitch in her pussy atleast 5 times
u/Juniorzags · 2 months ago
lol, couldn't six paths have (u know what) to get a little girl so she could already reincarnate into Sakura... LMA😂
u/princejv04 · 6 months ago
u/henrymichael · 2 months ago
The longest Night
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