Naruto: Shippuuden Episode 31
Thing to be Inherited sub

4.6 (2963 votes)
Aired 13 years ago
Updated October 25, 2020 · 43.6k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/Nonamecuznoname · 1 year ago
Wut, you can see orochimaru on 11.00
u/un_sxtisfied · 5 months ago
bruh you might be right. why was he in the crowd?
u/Neisuva · 1 year ago
Sooo :/
u/EuphieKim · 4 months ago
Grandma Chiyo:(( F
u/steliosldr · 4 months ago
rip granny:(
u/NineTailedFox · 11 months ago
RIP Chio, you were awesome.
u/bruhits_myrna · 7 months ago
its 2 am and im crying amd yelling like crazy on my room and my mom is scared of me
u/Riebread · 6 months ago
Holy s**t, the intro scared the living crap outta me
u/Riebread · 6 months ago
Damn Naruto, why you gotta guilt trip Chiyo like that.
u/ramu · 6 months ago
man can't stop myself
u/ramu · 6 months ago
man can't stop myself
u/ramu · 6 months ago
man can't stop myself
u/Biraj_Parajuli · 6 months ago
best episode ever😍😭i don't know whether i should cry or i should be happy😍😭😭😭
u/Wolfie284 · 6 months ago
I just cried so hard, I haven't cried this hard since the original Naruto. Well done Chiyo, thanks for saving Gaara.
u/StarTuna · 5 months ago
Rest in peace granny Chiyo
u/un_sxtisfied · 5 months ago
So glad to see Gaara back up. And Granny Chiyo lived a long life. RIP
u/talkany · 5 months ago
ohhhh the meme song in the start.... you are my friend!!
u/ligaya · 5 months ago
i never cried this hard since Naruto series fuck
u/alergk · 4 months ago
RIP chiyo baasama
u/asyaechanxx · 4 months ago
we all need a friends like chio and naruto
u/Amitizuku · 4 months ago
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