Noblesse Episode 5
A Friend's Hand / Fight For... sub

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Aired 3 weeks ago
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u/Saitama99 · 3 weeks ago
the op sounds kinda gay
u/-knightmare- · 3 weeks ago
waiting for the op mc to destroy to villans are the best
u/bigfrosty18 · 3 weeks ago
u/memelordhokage · 3 weeks ago
Left on multiple cliffhangers. I hope the next episode has the mc pummeling DA-5 as well as Takio and Hammer's fight.
u/Razest · 3 weeks ago
after previous ep i had to go read the manhwa but now having finished it i regret spoiling these future episodes for myself :'(
u/Biswash_23 · 3 weeks ago
nice anime
u/The_Noblesse_ · 3 weeks ago
At this point I'm quite disappointed so many chapters and scene's being skipped. It's not fun at all. I enjoyed the ova better than this crap.
u/ImJustin · 3 weeks ago
and that's your opinion. yes they skipped many chapters because um duh they only have so much airtime for the show and budget to make it the best it can be with the resources given.... not every anime i like bleach, naruto, one piece or whatever and have an unlimited budget and run on forever to where they can include everything from the manga/manwha.... But yes the OVA was great.
u/The_Noblesse_ · 3 weeks ago
regarding the anime that runs forever like the one you mentioned no doubt are great but they have become really overrated you would understand that if you have been seeing and reading stuff for so long.
u/The_Noblesse_ · 3 weeks ago
yes, justin. thats my opinion and its not unreasonable i'll tell you why before that keeping in mind what you pointed out airtime and budget or resources which i agree with btw. the problem is lately ive been seing a pattern with studios and other involved parties and their major f*** ups
u/The_Noblesse_ · 3 weeks ago
you see the issues here is changing of studios or giving the piece of art manga or light novel or webtoon etc to studios or animator that are well suited for such genre. clear example you can see is seven deadly sins. after 2-3 great seasons they screwed everything by giving it to some crappy stuido the anime had all that it could have massive fan following great budget etc.
u/The_Noblesse_ · 3 weeks ago
but even then we know where its now, its not the only one there are many others just like this. regarding noblesse which easily is one of best of its kind. i was okay till ep 3 the pace was well with obviously some differnces then what we read which is gonna be there it was fine.
u/The_Noblesse_ · 3 weeks ago
but since ep4 they have been flying over so quickly. no matter if animation are good if the story is not taken well it affects the anime since its not well received. maybe the people who are new to watching anime might like it.
u/The_Noblesse_ · 3 weeks ago
but when someone like me for instance whos spend almost a decade reading and watching stuff. you get disappointed specially because when you know the story has so much potential but while animating there so much injustice and f*** up irrespective of fan support.
u/ImJustin · 3 weeks ago
But saying it's not fun at all to where the actually main action parts haven't happened... or even saying it's not fun up until now is just ridiculous.... for 5 episodes in having to choose what they did from the manwha and throw it together with the action scenes and general animation being pretty damn good compared to a lot of other animes running right now... I think you may just have been expecting for to much, but hey that's just my opinion.
u/The_Noblesse_ · 3 weeks ago
well as ive mentioned in previous replies i wasnt expecting to much but it was reasonable. and yeah rn or should i say this entire year most of the anime sequals or new ones have been a disaster. leaving few good or decent ones
u/I-AM-INEVITABLE · 3 weeks ago
fuck having the 2 best shows of the season (this and kimi to boku) on the same day is so bittersweet.
u/the25thCye · 3 weeks ago
just wait for you to Rai breathe 😌😌😌😌
u/beautifulnabi26 · 3 weeks ago
ughhh that cliffhanger!!! and ending tho lol