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Noblesse Episode 11
Lord / Lost Child dub

4.7 (244 votes)
Aired 2 months ago
Updated February 28, 2021 · 7.5k Views


u/gaurav21 · 2 months ago
from Nepal
u/danieeeelll · 2 months ago
another week 😭😭😭
u/kuiora · 2 months ago
raskreia is so pretty ♥♥♥
u/Invictus19 · 2 months ago
Honestly, I ship Raskreai & Raizel so much.... but in Webtoons no happens between this 2 💔
u/xXRoyalKnight5 · 2 months ago
Yo next ep kinda hype lol. Btw Im not a simp for Raskreia but she is pretty in a way lol.
u/memelordhokage · 2 months ago
So shhe's just a jealous girl with daddy issues
u/memelordhokage · 2 months ago
Damn the outro is damn beautiful
u/ImJustin · 2 months ago
Raskreia is definitely a dominatrix, what's sad is that her going and hearing her father ask that to Raizel... since we all know Raizel never ever wanted to become lord. Also Raskreia know's pretty much nothing about Raizel... other than that he is the Noblesse and a rival in her eyes... So all out of her jealousy that her father asked Raizel if he would even think of becoming Lord she is destroying Lukedonia.
u/ImJustin · 2 months ago
and of course she believe Raizel betrayed.. and killed her father... which obviously makes her want to do anything she can to make Raizel suffer and bow to her, to prove that she is better than him and the one and only LORD... tho Raizel even has Ragnarok now...(not sure if he grabbed it or not but yeah) love that the former Union members came along, now known as RK-4.
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