One Piece Episode 399
Break Through the Siege! The Navy vs. the Three Captains sub

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Aired 11 years ago
Updated June 28, 2020 · 25.8k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/stoez · 2 months ago
why are you flexing the fact that you know there full names just put luffy, kid, law
u/spydyr · 4 months ago
Eustass (Captain) Kidd, Trafalgar D. Water Law, and Monkey D. Luffyare all fantastic characters with awesome powers. Love their fight against the marines.
u/stoez · 2 months ago
they're goons get whacked my that paw guy
u/stoez · 2 months ago
Gonna* autocorrect
u/stoez · 2 months ago
Gonna* autocorrect
u/japanese_artist · 2 months ago
Why is the opening haven't changed since Thriller Bark Arc? Actually, it should be the opening 11, but it's still the opening 9.
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