One Piece Episode 489
Here Comes Shanks! The War of the Best Is Finally Over! sub

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Aired 9 years ago
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u/spydyr · 4 months ago
Shanks stopping Akainu was so SATISFYING.
u/un_sxtisfied · 8 months ago
well-fought to everyone
u/ImNotWeeb · 4 months ago
well-fought to everyone
u/alvincy_ · 5 months ago
well-fought to everyone
u/SuperCurry25 · 2 months ago
well-fought to everyone
u/SeigeGamingfffff · 2 months ago
Thanks would slap everyone with his Dick and they all would die NGL
u/SeigeGamingfffff · 2 months ago
u/HAMZO · 2 months ago
gg's boiz
u/Bluekiller · 1 month ago
dam shanks is the mom lol what I mean is that once he came everyone stoped fighting like when siblings fight then mom shows up and then done
u/Biraj_Parajuli · 1 month ago
i wanna see how shanks fight because this episode tells everything about him😍🔥❤
u/Tanvi · 1 month ago
though shank is not a power holder but this episode proves tht his haki is too much powerful
u/MortemSpectre · 1 week ago
title card 4:31
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