One Piece Episode 873
Pulling Back from the Brink! The Formidable Reinforcements: Germa! sub

4.7 (3714 votes)
Aired 1 year ago
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u/-Gab · 1 year ago
Soooo im first???
u/saintpaulo29 · 1 year ago
haha im second
u/DarkLord · 1 year ago
Second Person? LOL
u/saintpaulo29 · 1 year ago
Haha I'll watch and I'm the second haha
u/dude808 · 1 year ago
why do I always feel like spoiling for myself by reading the manga???
u/DarkLord · 1 year ago
This Episode was Awesome guy.
u/AbelRice · 1 year ago
Best episode ever
u/CousinItt · 1 year ago
Loved every bit of this
u/Esculas · 1 year ago
u/Ender · 1 year ago
Wow Luffy's reward is going to skyrocket, he is not an enemy who can be negleted anymore
u/TheSupremeKing · 1 year ago
Yep he is seeing quiet far into the future xD
u/Danny · 1 year ago
Best episode this arc. I don't know why I love it so much either!
u/stoez · 2 months ago
that branch bitch finally came in usefull by spreading the word
u/HAMZO · 1 month ago
u/AmimeRobyn17 · 3 weeks ago
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u/niconiconiicole · 6 days ago
03:31 hsjsjs