One Piece Episode 123
That Looks Croc-ish! Luffy, Run to the Royal Tomb! sub

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Aired 18 years ago
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u/D1AnimeBoy 路 2 years ago
u/Zoro_OniGirl 路 8 months ago
baka baka
u/Biraj_Parajuli 路 6 months ago
hey i think that weapon crocodile is searching for is in that place where luffy and zoro fall down and there was a ancient writing too
u/Tanvi 路 6 months ago
how can one survive after got stabbing like that 馃槖馃槖
u/ramonherrera1214 路 6 months ago
u/nafsi69 路 3 months ago
So vivi is supposed to keep falling all the time..?
u/mido123 路 4 weeks ago
u/mido123 路 4 weeks ago
fuk nico rapped her leg
u/mido123 路 4 weeks ago
she ded
u/Niqter 路 3 days ago
what vivi does is fell
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