One Piece Episode 177
The Ordeal of Iron! White Barbed Death Match! sub

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Aired 16 years ago
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u/otaku669 · 8 months ago
u/stoez · 8 months ago
yare yare daze
u/Arshveer · 4 months ago
she attacked the God because she wanted to show wyper that God cannot be defeated and he is invincible so run and risked her life to do so. you all missunderstood
u/stoez · 8 months ago
u/kuuhaku · 7 months ago
she knew she cant defeat him buy still proceeds to shoot him
u/Kurtoon · 6 months ago
the girl is a fucking idiot.
she tried to warn the leader not to defeat the God and stop fighting. Like the leader would listen after deaths of many comrades. God appears then she fucking shot him after she said not to fucking fight. amazing girl best girl? 1000iq?
u/DeltaDice · 6 months ago
bruh. dhdhddjshdhxhssbhx
u/DeltaDice · 6 months ago
bruh. dhdhddjshdhxhssbhx
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