One Piece Episode 537
Keep Shirahoshi Safe! Decken Close Behind! sub

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Aired 8 years ago
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u/zar · 6 months ago
cos she's been locked In a tower her whole life with a crazy stalker throwing axes at her with minimal interaction so I don't think you can blame her lmao
u/kus · 7 months ago
why tf is that princess so dumb
u/DekuxUraraka · 6 months ago
she has to be at least top 10 most annoying characters in anime
u/DekuxUraraka · 6 months ago
i mean one piece not anime
u/DekuxUraraka · 6 months ago
u/harzimie · 6 months ago
no no the dumb one here is sanji
u/JKCLICK · 6 months ago
I absolutely love Sanji he's too funny, imagine dying from seeing a beautiful girl 😂😂😂
u/Tanvi · 5 months ago
come on luffy..dont call her coward ..princess sama kawaii 😍😍😍
u/Tanvi · 5 months ago
damn man..when zoro will open his left eye😣😣 cant wait to see what power what power is hidden inside his eye😑
u/aeoxshin · 5 months ago
Shirahoshi's heart beats fast when she was getting yelled at, what are you an M? So being locked on a tower for 10 yrs made you develop a wierd fetish.
u/NotAWattpader · 5 months ago
mama mo kus
u/NotAWattpader · 5 months ago
mama mo kus
u/A_Khuncho · 3 months ago
yooooo when the blood came out of the FISHMAN that shit was crazzyyyyyy. Zoro is an ANIMAL. He has to be top 5 strongest human being (no devil fruit power) in the one piece world. No cap
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