One Piece Episode 53
The Legend Has Started! Head for the Grand Line! sub

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Aired 19 years ago
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u/Kutomi1 · 10 months ago
"Are these all coincidences? It's as if heaven is trying to let that man live."

Well, yeah, that's basically what plot armor is.
u/LukaBaja · 3 months ago
No it's Dragon.
u/UwU2UwUness · 10 months ago
what a great resolve
u/ZBS13 · 8 months ago
No he’s just rubber
u/kabbage · 8 months ago
shut up one piece is goat

but its plot armor lol
u/Biraj_Parajuli · 6 months ago
that dragon named man was awesome🤯
u/Kurtoon · 6 months ago
when they will finally go to grand line then filler is in the next few episodes 😭
episode 54 up to 61 are fillers skip if you want but I need to watch it.
u/ramonherrera1214 · 6 months ago
Not a spoiler but until now we still don't know what dragon's powers are though we know what his connection to luffy is
u/ChopStickz · 5 months ago
Monkey D. Dragon hope that doesn't spoil too much just a teaser for the future episodes
u/StormDragon · 3 months ago
OMFG Is this really happening!?
so this random badass just saves Luffy...
It's kinda like how hisoka saves Gon kinda🤣😂
u/Niqter · 1 week ago
u/Niqter · 1 week ago
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