One Piece Episode 545
Shaking Fish-Man Island! A Celestial Dragon Drifts In! sub

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Aired 8 years ago
Updated November 29, 2020 · 23.9k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/un_sxtisfied · 1 year ago
those celestial dragons look like creepy bastards that u see on hentai shows
u/iilzara · 9 months ago
damn I wanted them to kill that celestial dragon, he deserves it
u/TemukaXD · 9 months ago
sxtisfied you are absolutely right
u/TemukaXD · 9 months ago
sxtisfied you are absolutely right
u/oimatewannafight · 7 months ago
holy shit this ep was a gud one
u/kus · 7 months ago
that asshole piece of shit will never change 😡😡
u/Kurtoon · 6 months ago
lol true they are like the stalker ntr old man rapists in hentai.
u/Kurtoon · 6 months ago
the kid princess is so cute i want to punch her so bad.

otohime is really like a mom who never gives up despite how annoying she is
u/_Nemo_ · 1 month ago
Queen got a moral highground, but I doubt her streetsmarts. She just got on a ship with a guy who outright threatened all fishmen few seconds earlier.. Without even a proper guard. What is she expecting? I see deathflags, and a lot of them.
Tho I wish the best for her.
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