One Piece Episode 562
Luffy Loses the Fight?! Hordy's Long-Awaited Revenge! sub

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Aired 8 years ago
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u/EmeraldsList · 9 months ago
Those energy pills are such bs. it was mentioned that it has major side effects, but I dont see shit, this guy is eating them by the handfull. and doesnt it wear off, doesnt seem to have a time limit.
u/EmeraldsList · 9 months ago
Ivankovs energy boost that lasted a day cost years of life as a cost, but its effects weren't as good as one of these pills, that also boost power, instead of only energizing someone. so the effects of the pill should be much worse, especially taking dozens of them. otherwise everyone in the world would be using them, instead of just hordys man
u/Valefor_ · 6 months ago
stupid princesses
u/Dumb_Fluff · 6 months ago
He is such a looser, depending on drugs for power and using rip off fish man moves
u/yobro4000 · 5 months ago
this anime is just encouraging drugs (BTW, don't do drugs)😑
u/Alucado · 3 months ago

that is a joke, dont ban me if I can get banned from saying shit like this.
u/capitals · 8 months ago
Swear hordy should be dead right now
u/GoGeta6860 · 6 months ago
how is Gordy not dead yet after taking all those pills wtf
u/zar · 5 months ago
ig hordy gonna acc die from the drugs
u/WalterP69 · 2 months ago
When’s is he gonna did from an overdose😂🤣
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