One Piece Episode 639
The Fishing Fish Strike! Across the Deadly Iron Bridge! sub

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Aired 6 years ago
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u/Deauski · 7 months ago
She belongs to thr streets
u/HAMZO · 6 months ago
Sanji got played, dont be a simp kids
u/HAMZO · 6 months ago
Sanji got played, dont be a simp kids
u/wangshinwoo · 6 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Kurtoon · 5 months ago
retarded kids. i want them to die. no just kidding im not cruel to wish them to die.
i want them to suffer and then die. i want to pull their nails, pull out their eye and make them eat their eyeballs, put sharp needles in their body and burn their tongue. thats what i feel when i see these spoilers.
u/Kurtoon · 5 months ago
they have literally no education their mom's job is a prostitute. and their dad is a janitor. well i know wangshinwoo's real identity and they said his sister committed suicide because of how retarded he is.
so disgusting how you spoil and feel happy. thats why you felt happy fucking your sister and making her pregnant too huh? HAHAHAHAHA if he sees this his fucking triggered
u/Dumb_Fluff · 5 months ago
but he's a simp 😭😭😭😭
u/AmimeStephanie22 · 2 weeks ago
Is︆︆︆︆ a︆︆nyo︆︆n︆︆e pl︆︆a︆︆︆︆y︆︆︆︆i︆︆n︆︆︆︆g︆︆ S︆︆e︆︆︆︆x︆︆-︆︆A︆︆n︆︆︆︆︆︆i︆︆me 🔞Game https://hent­ ?=) searching for 👌👈 mate! :)