One Piece Episode 793
A Seafaring Kingdom! Germa's King Judge! sub

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Aired 3 years ago
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u/Doffy_joker · 11 months ago
Damm,that sanji’s father!
He wants him back after giving him such a terrible childhood

One like = one kick for his father
u/Fallen01 · 5 months ago
There are only two people who actually cares about him in his family which are the girls...his mom drank something in order for her kids not to be emotionless but sadly it only worked on Sanji and Reiju who helped him escape from that hell.
u/stoez · 7 months ago
sanjis full family call him weak when 90% of there strength is based on technology, but sanji could beat most of them without it
u/Fallen01 · 5 months ago
Reiju doesn't really mean it but those packing emotionless brothers and father does...Judge's face is epic when he cries because he would almost get killed XD as for the three emotionless son's they wont even care at all lol.
u/furmom · 7 months ago
you know it serious when sanji pull out a cigarette and a lighter
u/vaquero101 · 6 months ago
Starts at 5:20
u/sirus · 5 months ago
special power rangers episode
u/iilzara · 8 months ago
I watched it in just one breath😭
u/HAMZO · 6 months ago
sad sanji :(
u/Kurtoon · 5 months ago
cool sanji
u/bashy14 · 2 months ago
poor sanji
u/bashy14 · 2 months ago
poor sanji