One Piece Episode 880
Sabo Goes into Action! All the Captains of the Revolutionary Army Appear! sub

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Aired 1 year ago
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u/OppaiDragon 路 1 year ago
That island is nasty as ever lmao
u/vialmeur 路 1 year ago
OP seems weird today, this might be a sign I need to lay off peanut butter
u/Risk 路 1 year ago
lol all guys them follow manga story you guy say RIP lol just start line only you guy cannot waiting the new Arc ?
u/Erica 路 1 year ago
1000 more episode for luffy to became the king of pirate馃槕 100 episode to beat 1 enemy.. So weak..
u/Danny 路 1 year ago
First! (Ayy lmao)
u/walaoeh 路 1 year ago
wrong ep. no point first haha
u/Danny 路 1 year ago
Yeah, first "first" on the site and they posted the wrong anime. RIP
u/hantonsoup 路 1 year ago
why does being first matter? like cool your the first to comment..... soo yay?
u/Danny 路 1 year ago
It doesn't matter. lmao

That's why I do it.
u/Norman 路 1 year ago
Why op turn to fairytail episode 馃槄
u/BlackPanda 路 1 year ago
Why is fairytale invading one piece 馃槙
u/MeowMix 路 1 year ago
u/vialmeur 路 1 year ago
yay!! not all heroes wear capes
u/MeowMix 路 1 year ago
some are cat foods
u/BlackPanda 路 1 year ago
Thanks MeowMix
u/Qedichi 路 1 year ago
Titlecard at 3:36
u/Sunny649 路 1 year ago
Oh! Borsalino/Kizaru appears! I'm very curious as to which Seiyuu is replacing Ishizuka Unshou...
u/Dynamics64 路 1 year ago
Ooh pump pump fruit... u,u
u/DvHunta 路 1 year ago
first giant seen with a devil fruit since the filler with the chef so i guess its canon now.
u/furmom 路 7 months ago
she grabbed her boobie
u/HAMZO 路 6 months ago
u/HAMZO 路 6 months ago
u/temo69 路 4 months ago
10.20 itachi
u/casam2110 路 3 months ago
itachi is that you?
u/bashy14 路 2 months ago
tittle card 3:33
u/TailZ 路 2 months ago
I just felt some weird itachi vibes
u/mistake 路 1 month ago
that was itachi's clone