One Piece Episode 886
The Holyland in Tumult! The Targeted Princess Shirahoshi! sub

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Aired 1 year ago
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u/Tronks · 1 year ago
very unhappy with the low content full of flashbacks episodes we have been getting lately...
u/ApolloArcher1 · 1 year ago
you realise the manga would've had this too? also you need to have flashbacks otherwise who knows what you could've forgotten.
u/Koh28 · 1 year ago
As someone who reads the manga. It did not have flashbacks. They were put in to increase episode time and decrease source content usage to distance the anime from the manga. One Piece needs a hiatus badly. The anime that is.
u/AniimeUchiha · 1 year ago
They make the anime longer so it can profit the production that produces the one piece anime.
Watch Bakuman for more info. U will like it
u/AniimeUchiha · 1 year ago
The reason they put a lot of flashbacks is to make the serious longer. its probably because they r getting out of ideas. Making 850+ episodes is already outstanding so cut Eiichiro Oda some slack.
u/KarfinBaki · 1 year ago
the manga is way past this point...
u/Kin · 1 year ago
LMAO no, if they continue doing canon without any "fillers", they will catch up to manga in no time.
u/CF7ELL · 1 year ago
The problem is that the pacing of the manga is just fine, but the anime just drags on and on. They animate only one chapter per episode (which is not much for a weakly manga, it's usually 2-3 chapters for other animes based on weakly mangas) and sometimes even less and they fill the rest of the episode with reactions and flashbacks. This is done to keep the manga ahead of the anime but it made the anime feel really slow
u/OppaiDragon · 1 year ago
I swear to god one more flash back and im finna slap the guy who made this
u/joel11sanchez · 1 year ago
we should
u/mhetz · 1 year ago
u/Woethebro · 1 year ago
mad respeccc for that green hair boi
u/Fallen01 · 4 months ago
He has the same Surename as Don Flamingo so they're related. And im guessing Mingo,Donquixote Ancestor, And Green Hairs Father are the bad guys in the family?
u/SergiusSenpai · 1 year ago
Every boss in every anime/movie/game: I`ll wait for the main protagonist to come to me or I`ll send increasingly stronger waves of my minions against him always failing short of defeating him.
Big Mom:
Assemble the fleet, we give chase!
*how many ships, mum?*
*how many soldiers mum?*
*all your sons and daughters too?*
*and giants???*
call Kaido too
u/Fallen01 · 4 months ago
Giants? THey hate her though?
u/Kin · 1 year ago
As a person who finished Naruto Shippuuden with Fillers. I can say these Continuous One Piece filler is not even bugging me right now. Or
Maybe some people are just complaining because they watch it weekly and wait for another episode next week and not like in the past where they can just binge it and never even know it's a filler.
u/HAMZO · 6 months ago
i hate celestial dragons
u/Fallen01 · 4 months ago
Ur not alone, That's also the reason why Garp didn't want to be Admiral.
u/TemukaXD · 7 months ago
kin I watched Bleach and Naruto Shippuden with fillers not even knowing that they were fillers.
u/TemukaXD · 7 months ago
kin I watched Bleach and Naruto Shippuden with fillers not even knowing that they were fillers.
u/Biraj_Parajuli · 6 months ago
that serve him right you fucking bastard celestial dragon
u/Fallen01 · 4 months ago
No one's allowed to sit on that throne? want me to kick you?? If no one's allowed to then why did you allow a certain someone to sit there and those fucking elders even bowed down to that person? All im sure of is that person is the main boss and that person was targeting Vivi and the Crew and also showed up during alabasta arc. but not is alabasta.
u/monkeydlewi · 3 months ago
I dont know why so many of you complain about the fillers xD it makes sense to recap some things and also give the mangaka some time to create the content
Just be thankful you have a great anime to watch! We all want to see the progression of the story but lets not put too much pressure on the people making it, we should be thanking them!
Secondly... i'm pretty impressed a celestial dragon got on his knees and apologised
Thirdly... Sabo, please kick your adopted brothers ass. xD
u/trinitydessyna · 1 month ago
not lucci & his friends acting all high & mighty when they got they ass kicked by teenagers...
u/AmimeNicole11 · 2 weeks ago
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