One Piece Episode 896
Side Story! Clash! Luffy vs. the King of Carbonation! sub

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Aired 1 year ago
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u/Esculas · 1 year ago
Hancock is sooo pretty!!!!!!
u/badda1 · 1 year ago
hand cock
u/AeonMatt · 1 year ago
What the FUCK? How can this scrub injure Luffy he ain't even using HAKI! blunt attacks dont work on rubb-!
Maaaan fuck this filler
u/creed345 · 1 year ago
So accurate. Filler's are the worst... Bleach was the same somewhat
u/ROSHAN · 1 year ago
dam he say 1.5 billion luffy bounty and their is even zoro;frankey and robin when did they travel because they are in wano?DAM filler it is mess up
u/hungdam12 · 1 year ago
This is the most stupid shit ever because if Luffy actually is at 1.5 billion that would mean he has already escaped from big mom so there is no way he is struggling with a guy that fucking uses coca cola to fight WTF this is so stupid and it doesn't even make sense because how is Zoro and the rest of his crew there when some of them are suppose to be at Wano Island. This is just pure laziness!!
u/PinheadFriend · 1 year ago
its a filler lmao
u/hungdam12 · 1 year ago
I guess. but at least they should give some effort into the making of the story because from what I can see this is just bad writing or not even just that at least make things up to date from where the story is.
u/shooticide · 1 year ago
Why did Hancock say "If Luffy can get rid of Cidre, this'll be over." That is not like her to say that at all. She would have complete faith in Luffy just like at Impel Down. Bad writing
u/AeonMatt · 1 year ago
The stupid logic here reminds me of the filler they released before Film Z where Luffy had a hard time from a subordinate of Z and actually TOOK DAMAGE from him, this same subordinate whom later on was defeated completely by Z's girl apprentice who was in turn completely and utterly punked like a child by Zoro in the actual "film Z".
u/TazKidNoah · 1 year ago
Why can't we ever have side Stories or Fillers that CAN work within Canon....
u/ilyas · 1 year ago
i mean i just got to say that katakuri would be pretty disappointed if he saw that fight lmao xd
u/Amit · 1 year ago
This filler is base on the movie stampede 😂
u/itsanimeweeb9000 · 1 year ago
episode 897 comes out on august 13th!!!!
u/Weeb_Web · 1 year ago
why or how did you think that?
u/itsanimeweeb9000 · 1 year ago
I googled it
u/itsanimeweeb9000 · 1 year ago
nvm it's released on august 10th
u/aeoxshin · 1 year ago
When people here can't get the reason of this filler, this episode and the previous episode are not related to the main story this 2 episodes are the prolouge of the movie One Piece Stampede, it was even written on the opening song srsly this only show dumb ppl tend to gather on comment section.
u/Caleb1 · 6 months ago
this is connected to stampped
u/joeLopez9 · 2 months ago
fuck this filler