One Piece Episode 8
Who Is the Victor? Devil Fruit Power Showdown! sub

4.6 (5020 votes)
Aired 20 years ago
Updated November 29, 2020 · 40.2k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/Mellen · 1 year ago
I actually like Captain Buggy
u/Fiqry · 1 year ago
to be honest this chop chop fruit can be op if he can further break down his body to extremely smaller part
u/memorybliss · 10 months ago
His laugh is hilarious, but I despise his entire pirate crew. Especially the one who beat up the dog chou-chou >_
u/Arihannablake · 6 months ago
^ the fck
u/daryan77 · 6 months ago
I give this episode a moist score of 6/10, I liked the end when they got chased out of town.
u/Biraj_Parajuli · 6 months ago
funny as always😂
u/lulTim · 5 months ago
if u like him no worries you see him again
u/0ma4 · 3 months ago
The best show
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