One Piece Episode 929
The Bond Between Prisoners! Luffy and Old Man Hyo! sub

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Aired 7 months ago
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u/kanyin1100 · 7 months ago
kanjuro :/ be your own niggas
u/onepiece_713 · 7 months ago
why did it end so quick dang it cant wait
u/pinkyswear9 · 7 months ago
I know right. I was just watching then i just noticed it’s already 21 minutes. T.T
u/Calixcalibur · 7 months ago
when you don't know that they're speaking with the traitor of oden clan
u/Rabibhatta · 7 months ago
Top oiran was the daughter of oden..
u/RedstoneLikeGod · 7 months ago
can't wait for luffy to go crazy
u/Blackflockie · 7 months ago
I caught up after like 5 months
It wasn't that long of a journey
people say one piece is too long but look at me I caught up in less than 6 months of barely any sleep 😴 finally. Best anime ever ✊🏾😤
u/RedstoneLikeGod · 7 months ago
can't wait for luffy to go crazy
u/Lostboysora · 7 months ago
The anime might stop and the manga too idk but that what the people say. and for thoose who wants to read the manga the episode after that is chapter 935 and have
u/hydraballerkai · 6 months ago
finally caught up with one piece!!!
u/Luciuscyd · 6 months ago
YOOOO I finally catch up. The grind didn't take as long as I expected it to be. It only took me aproximately 3 months to get here from Ep.1
u/paizuki · 5 months ago
okiku is trap dont make the same mistake as i did pepehands
u/Kurtoon · 5 months ago
cliffhanger 😂
u/JKCLICK · 5 months ago
All caught up after a month
u/Nihentai2005 · 7 months ago
u/Nihentai2005 · 7 months ago
u/jkiller54 · 7 months ago
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u/zanman543 · 7 months ago
u/onepiece_713 · 7 months ago
that was good
u/TemukaXD · 7 months ago
man watching It one by one takes a long time.
u/Dr3w · 7 months ago
short episode :((