One Piece Episode 770
The Secret of the Land of Wano! The Kozuki Family and the Ponegliffs! sub

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Aired 3 years ago
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u/Sh29 · 2 months ago
the 4 points don't have to make a square. it could be an irregular shape which requires all 4 points. also, the grand line isn't a straight line, it has a lot of width and so you can't just travel straight till you find it, which is impossible anyway, because the only navigation you have is the triple log pose thing, which only goes to the next island. I doubt raftel can be reached by the triple log pose thing because it probably has no magnetic field but I'm not sure about that.
u/un_sxtisfied · 2 weeks ago
this makes me wanna binge watch One Piece even more.
u/Opa · 1 year ago
If its in the cross of the x you would just need to follow 1 line and somewhere on it there would be the island or am i retarded. You would only need 3 of the poneglyphs for that so... bruh
u/francis24duck · 1 year ago
you cant go into a straight line in new world sea but yeah there is still chance to get to raftel with 3 but its safer to go for 4 cause of the unpredictability of the sea, well thats what i think in common sense point but we all know its for the story .
u/jarvee · 9 months ago
if its in the center why do they say its in the end of grand line?
u/kairon69 · 4 weeks ago
the world is a sphere dude
u/iilzara · 6 months ago
wow so much information in
just one episode
u/ItsRainin · 5 months ago
The thing is like somebody would have already found Raftel at this point why do you need the ponygliphs really you can find them by chance right its not like the island is in the water like fishman island right
u/Kurtoon · 3 months ago
if grand line is straight.
then just go fucking straight to reach the end. 100000000 IQ
u/JKCLICK · 3 months ago
Lol everything made sense until now
u/JKCLICK · 3 months ago
Robin just became an extremely important crew member to have
u/sirus · 3 months ago
but the elephant keeps on moving around the sea isnt it
u/dboijah · 3 months ago
when does this arc even end
u/Nirqvth · 1 month ago
she always was bruh shes the only one who cld read that shit