One Piece Episode 798
An Enemy Worth 800 Million! Luffy vs. Thousand Armed Cracker! sub

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Aired 3 years ago
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u/stoez 路 5 months ago
nami is useless af but not on the level of sakura or bulma
u/Stevo25 路 4 months ago
nami is useless in fighting but that aint her job, she is a navigator
u/AthanasiaThiel 路 4 months ago
Ya'll don't judge Nami.. Even though she is not that good at fighting she has a good purpose being one of the crew she has a strong will
u/Biraj_Parajuli 路 4 months ago
stoez you got that right馃槀
u/Muf3ex 路 5 months ago
Jesus Nami is usless AF
u/stoez 路 5 months ago
pls luffy fucking destroy everyone.. if only zoro were here
u/Drogon75 路 3 months ago
people bitching about nami. it's almost like fighting isn't her expertise and it's navigating.
u/vaquero101 路 3 months ago
Starts at 6:00
u/Nirqvth 路 1 month ago
we arw nami said she was strong last ep or the one before that but she useless asf