One Piece Episode 7
Epic Showdown! Swordsman Zoro vs. Acrobat Cabaji! sub

4.6 (4683 votes)
Aired 20 years ago
Updated September 27, 2020 · 40.1k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/kuriezen · 10 months ago
no comments!? damn
u/AnimeLifeRabbit · 9 months ago
probably too busy commenting on the latest episodes
u/daryan77 · 4 months ago
I rate this episode 7/10 moist. The episode is okay I guess I liked the flashbacks Luffy had at then end there.
u/infamousdonut · 8 months ago
God this is going to take me forever to watch
u/Jewel_Wildmoon · 8 months ago
nuuuu the hat!
u/Kenkaeki_97 · 6 months ago
i'm gonna watch 10 episode per day then maybe i'm able to complete this in 3 months
u/KDXMAS · 4 months ago
How that going for you a month in?
u/Arihannablake · 4 months ago
Captain Clown is about to die, he hurt fluffy hat
u/Nidhish · 4 months ago
I get Zabuza vibes from zoro
u/shaa · 2 months ago
no no you get zoro vibes from zabuza
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