One Piece Episode 904
Luffy Rages! Rescue Otama from Danger! sub

4.6 (4666 votes)
Aired 11 months ago
Updated September 20, 2020 · 30.3k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/HolySpitball · 11 months ago
The blatant time wasting scenes annoy me so much
u/Rob1n · 11 months ago
Can we all sent a complaint letter to the studio to stop with this bullshit, its depressing
u/Anime4Life · 11 months ago
Tama feet 13:06
u/Trapp · 11 months ago
Imagine my face when I scrolled down, and this was the first comment I saw...
u/RetroEndless · 10 months ago
Yes Please
u/Zoltra · 3 weeks ago
stop pedo u need help
u/mindless_bullets · 11 months ago
Show starts @ 4:48
u/badda1 · 11 months ago
never knew a show can decline so hard.
u/Trapp · 11 months ago
switch over to the manga, Idk why anyone's still bothering with the anime at this point tbh
u/Rob1n · 11 months ago
WHY! One piece is my favourite anime but they're turning it to shit, these episodes are always the type of anime that I dont watch.
u/wiki · 11 months ago
The best part of the episode was ball-de-boo
u/Zuhayr4 · 11 months ago
this shit is absurdly bad
u/kubongaming · 11 months ago
bruh this episode is literally worthless, it needs at least a little bit of action
u/Greep · 11 months ago
i'm done.
u/Woethebro · 11 months ago
woethebro never seen such bullshit before
u/HeroKiller69 · 6 months ago
my vids take so long to load. does anyone know how to make it load faster?
u/Mochiblaster · 5 months ago
u/stoez · 5 months ago
I love the wano style and everything but the damn time wasting I'm constantly skipping 10 secs and the screen just moves a little
u/dfgcjafkx0qxzvy · 1 month ago
can yall just shut up