One Piece Episode 910
A Legendary Samurai! The Man Who Roger Admired! sub

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Aired 11 months ago
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u/Trafalgar · 11 months ago
Can we please not translate names like Inuarashi and Nekomamushi into "Dog Storm" and "Cat Viper"?

Actual character names should NEVER be translated, in my opinion.
u/Sunny649 · 11 months ago
I'm sure fansubbers would take the untranslated names, but this is official subbers we're talking about so :shrug:
Like in PSO2: Episode Oracle they're clearly saying "Darkers" but Funimation says otherwise and make a complete new term called "Falspawn" :-/
Official subs are just that stubborn..
u/kingkupo · 11 months ago
In the words of Gordon Ramsey, it's F***ing raw
u/Deauski · 6 months ago
I couldn't imagine the amount of shock you would get from seeing your own grave
u/Deathpacito · 11 months ago
no subs
u/kreaon · 11 months ago
Troll ?
u/Deathpacito · 11 months ago
for me there are no subs
u/Amadeer · 11 months ago
they just didnt update it with subs yet, but they did now
u/urgen122 · 11 months ago
no subs?????
u/urgen122 · 11 months ago
no sub?????
u/KingTdot · 11 months ago
lol wth the anime is taking a slightly different route from the manga, in the latest chapter they just showed how oden became the daimyo of kuri and how he took down ashura. I guess they're adapting the flashbacks a little earlier in the anime from the manga.
u/HopBun · 11 months ago
u/Copic · 11 months ago
Its not even close to look like oden in the manga..
u/HopBun · 11 months ago
well oden story just release recently in manga. its just showed how oden became daimyo
u/DankGhost · 11 months ago
It's time travel, not time leap. The Japs call it time leap for some reason.
u/Safah2killer · 11 months ago
whats the manga chapter name for this episode. plz help
u/aarash6 · 11 months ago
yoo it has been a week when will the episode come out
u/Deauski · 6 months ago
I too tame grown men
u/HAMZO · 5 months ago
this guy Zoro always going the wrong way
u/Balajis2795 · 5 months ago
I guessed in the Zou Arc why would Momonosuke, Kozuki Oden's son ..... who was alive almost 20 - 30 years ago when Roger died, would look like a child ? Technically he must have been 20 or atleast 10 years older than Luffy as old as Trafalgar Law. Similar goes for Ace who should also have been as old but did'nt take birth for a long time.....
u/Biraj_Parajuli · 5 months ago
now atleast it is getting interesting
u/JKCLICK · 4 months ago
What about the little sister why didn't she send her as well
u/Nirqvth · 2 months ago
brave warrior of the sea
u/mistake · 1 week ago
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