One Piece Episode 106
The Trap of Certain Defeat! Storming Raindinners! sub

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Aired 18 years ago
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u/D1AnimeBoy · 2 years ago
u/melu · 9 months ago
Best anime i have ever seen
u/stoez · 7 months ago
what's an operation utopia?
u/HAMZO · 6 months ago
"hey look its sanji - who ate my meat?!" -Luffy
u/smk18 · 5 months ago
utopia is basically a man made heaven land so pretty sure its them tryna make the sand their territory which makes sense since crocodile has sand fruit (sorry for minor spoiler on crocodile)
u/Nidhish · 4 months ago
lightning style:-Chidori
u/gajeelx2 · 2 months ago
it's lagging
u/AmimeMiranda17 · 1 month ago
Whooooop! Is anyone playing 🔞Game for adults ?=) searching for 👌👈 mate! :) My nickname is ariainside19
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