One Piece Episode 771
A Vow Between Two Men! Luffy and Kozuki Momonosuke! sub

4.6 (4815 votes)
Aired 3 years ago
Updated October 25, 2020 · 24.6k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/Stevo25 · 6 months ago
i hate momo
u/Valefor_ · 5 months ago
I hate nami
u/Vortex819 · 5 months ago
me too hes a fucking little cunt
u/HAMZO · 5 months ago
trust me
u/AthanasiaThiel · 5 months ago
me too at the beginning and at the end
u/n3stor · 5 months ago
stop hating on momonosuke bruh
u/AmimeHelena24 · 4 months ago
Whooooop! Is anyone playing 🔞Game for adults ?=) searching for 👌👈 mate! :) My nickname is ariainside19
u/sirus · 4 months ago
people who hate momonoske simp on nami and robin
u/Sh29 · 3 months ago
I thought momo was annoying but i like him a lot more now, even tho he's still pretty useless
u/monkeydlewi · 2 months ago
Anyone else miss Ryunosuke?
u/lowkey23 · 1 month ago
not gonna lie usopp and nami are annoying asf
u/Rex_Flames · 1 month ago
Very true