One Piece Episode 937
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Aired 2 months ago
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u/Sunny649 · 2 months ago
I wouldn't be surprised if Kin'enmon was the only one who still knows Yasu.... or in plot-twist case, also doesn't remember him xD Maybe until some event triggers them to remember who he actually is... :thinking:
Also, what does it matter whether it's a filler or not. I'm still enjoying fillers in One Piece. But this episode really doesn't feel like a filler at all?
u/BROWNlE · 2 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/xXYakumoXx · 2 months ago
It's not a filler
u/popon303 · 2 months ago
To those who are asking if AnimeUltima is shutting down then YES. Running the website is LEGAL but pirating an anime is ILLEGAL. They will bound to shut this down unless AnimeUltima will pay for Licensing other anime like MuseAsia did in youtube. So boys and girsl, watch alot of Animes till it shutdown, whatever is in your watch list, watch it now.
u/TonyMFStarks · 2 months ago
And what proof of it shutting down do you have? Everything else you said was not some prolific truth that wasn't already known to most people using these kinds of sites. So if there is some source to that statement then I would love to see it. If its merely your own belief then say that is the case.
u/popon303 · 2 months ago
I just read AniRadio's article yesterday. Go to their FB page. Im not gonna write this comment without basis you know
u/kingk · 2 months ago
u/orangiehoe · 2 months ago
Guys, this episode is not a filler. I have read the manga and I can say that the events that happen in this episode are canon.
u/FREEZA · 2 months ago
this is not filler lol
u/up40 · 2 months ago
u/kachigamanibba · 2 months ago
brownie is really hating on fillers lmfao
u/kachigamanibba · 2 months ago
brownie is really hating on fillers lmfao
u/Darth_Revan · 2 months ago
I had a feeling, but now I believe that guy with blue hair is udon. the old shogun. I haven't read the manga though
u/milkboy101 · 2 months ago
Ive been knowing, its obvious
u/aman_sensei · 2 months ago
Why Do I have a feeling that something tragic is going to happen with Yasu San?!
u/Rona · 2 months ago
Nah it's One Piece!! And it ain't a flashback so we good, no one dies in One Piece! ...R-right?
u/popon303 · 2 months ago
Im new here so I dont know how to do a spoiler tag like in Kissanime but... Yasuie-san is the true hero of them all, ALL HAIL TONOYASU!! also poor Otoko-chan :(
u/d3zire · 2 months ago
i am getting 3 notifications of any new episode released fix that.. its really annoying and confusing
u/GlowingMineTail · 2 months ago
will animeultima be shut down?? just asking
u/Leviathan · 2 months ago
will animeultima be shut down?? just asking (1)
u/Vortex819 · 2 months ago
goddamn filler :(
u/Operatix · 2 months ago
Fillers have no progress, what we clearly had here.
u/aeoxshin · 2 months ago
Brownie and Vortex was saying it's a filler so I'll give u both a thumbs down😂😂 - from the resident of Guess the Anime.
u/Aseh · 2 months ago
will animeultima be shut down?? just asking(2)
u/FREEZA · 2 months ago
yo staff what's up with my bio saying "this user is rather too lazy to add a bio" I cant even add anything fix ur app pls
u/Sunny649 · 2 months ago
there's nothing to fix. App doesn't have the feature yet. Join Discord to keep up with updates instead. Go to AnimeUltima site to edit your profile instead.
u/Maddy18 · 2 months ago
u/shushyo · 2 months ago
this episode is not a filler ru all stopped read the manga