One Piece Episode 100
Rebel Warrior Koza! The Dream Vowed to Vivi! sub

4.6 (5004 votes)
Aired 18 years ago
Updated November 22, 2020 · 26.1k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/D1AnimeBoy · 2 years ago

u/NafeezNN · 1 year ago
This show is great!
u/baconboy · 11 months ago
what's the voice actor for the young boy
u/otaku_69 · 8 months ago
u/stoez · 8 months ago
u/Kyle21 · 8 months ago
so episode 100 huh? lemme check how many hours that is...
so 1 episode is (lets assume 20 mins per eps)
is 20 mins
so 3 is an hour
99 divided by 3 because 100 divided by 3 cannot be i guess?
99 divided by 3 is 33 plus 20 minutes (1 eps) so basically...
u/hbzx · 7 months ago
nice .
u/mimic007 · 7 months ago
stoez is gay
u/PaarthBansal · 6 months ago
finally a hundred episodes
u/Biraj_Parajuli · 6 months ago
yahooo 100 ep
u/tomoe-chim · 5 months ago
episode 100 marked!!!!!
u/AmimeKatrina22 · 5 months ago
Whooooop! Is anyone playing 🔞Game for adults ?=) searching for 👌👈 mate! :) My nickname is ariainside19
u/hexigalbee · 4 months ago
why the one peice is gonna be full of flashbacks-_-
u/CrazySel · 4 months ago
Nice, 100 episode mark, Just 890 more episodes left to go yahoooo😪
u/Madhav999 · 4 months ago
100 episodes and nothing great. it's okayish and art style is childish and characters mostly aren't likable, except zoro and chopper. now ace is good too. wantnthe story to go fast,it's fking slow,I guess this is overrated
u/awangard69 · 4 months ago
@Madhav999 i have never seen anything as retarded as your comment
u/StoezIsGay · 3 months ago
Stoez is gay
u/mistake · 3 months ago
Luffy is son of Dragon
Luffy's grandfather is the strongest marine known as Garp
u/mistake · 3 months ago
enjoy the spoilers
u/chocomikmik_ · 2 months ago
I can't imagine how someone can watch a hundred eps and say it's overrated. Watch 25 or so, find that you don't like it, you stop lol.

Also, if adventure and stories doesn't entertain you, this anime just isn't for you. That's all there is to it. One Piece is where it is now because enough people enjoyed it.
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