One Piece Episode 112
Rebel Army vs. Royal Army! Showdown at Alubarna sub

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Aired 18 years ago
Updated November 22, 2020 · 27.3k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/killuu4 · 10 months ago
what a dumb bitch did she really think that would stop an army of 2 million men
u/D1AnimeBoy · 2 years ago
OOF why did they ignore her. respect the princess at least.
Damn. D:
u/sakura3200 · 1 year ago
Im pretty sure they couldn't hear her over all the camel galloping and they're probably too concentrated on trying to defeat the palace to hear her..
u/daniellei · 7 months ago
u/daniellei · 7 months ago
u/Kurtoon · 6 months ago
you are the dumb bitch. the princess and the leader of the rebellion are childhood friends. they would atleast stop for her to hear what she would say. that's why crocodile said to never let them meet no matter what happens.
u/tomoe-chim · 5 months ago
Vivi is so brave 🙆‍♀💯
and also my stress level at 16:55 went to 10000 real quick
u/JGfrm1800 · 5 months ago
I beat my meat to nami and vivi in the dancer outfits
u/JGfrm1800 · 5 months ago
pussy ass and boobs
u/JGfrm1800 · 5 months ago
pussy pussy ass and boobs
u/JGfrm1800 · 5 months ago
sing along kids
u/CrazySel · 4 months ago
u/Madhav999 · 4 months ago
this is one of the slowest anime ever and it's really silly. better to stop yhis read berserk or vinland saga
u/Madhav999 · 4 months ago
how didn't they suspect that it was a camel?
this anime has good story and world building but it is sill as fuck
if it had the same tone as hunter x hunter,attack on Titan or full metal Alchemist it would be great. now it's silly and full of plot holes
u/Niolde · 3 months ago
madhav i dont really agree
u/mistake · 3 months ago
I'm watching during quarantine
u/mistake · 3 months ago
I'm watching during quarantine
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