One Piece Episode 569
The Secret Revealed! The Truth About the Ancient Weapon! sub

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Aired 8 years ago
Updated November 22, 2020 · 28.1k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/YoungxMoose 路 1 year ago
title card at 4:09
u/Apple 路 8 months ago
thanks bro
u/Deauski 路 7 months ago
remember that this island belongs to an Emperor lmao
u/yobro4000 路 5 months ago
lemme just say one thing

they have liquid under fucking water!!!馃槫馃槫馃槫
u/hydraballerkai 路 7 months ago
jimbei is just too responsible 4 them lol
u/HAMZO 路 6 months ago
jinbei like the strawhats dad lul
u/Biraj_Parajuli 路 6 months ago
man i can't believe that
u/marckean01 路 4 months ago
not playing
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