One Piece Episode 627
Luffy Dies at Sea?! The Pirate Alliance Comes Apart! sub

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Aired 6 years ago
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u/itsme_c 路 7 months ago
not the filler 馃槳馃槺
u/AthanasiaThiel 路 7 months ago
is these a stopid filler?
u/Vortex819 路 7 months ago
luffy just use haki for fuck sake 馃う
u/Kurtoon 路 5 months ago
yes this is filler. luffy shoud just use haki and knock him out
u/DeltaDice 路 4 months ago
u/zar 路 3 months ago
this filler is so retarded
u/JEFFTHEBOY 路 3 months ago
Fuck Haki, better have 500 filler episodes
u/joeLopez9 路 3 months ago
is this filler?